Nylon Sailcloth Range

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Nylon Sailcloth Range


A premium range which combines unprecedented strength, performance and quality

  • High Tenacity 6.6 yarns in a high density construction delivering light sails in higher wind ranges
  • Double ripstop weave delivers exceptional burst and tear strength and reduces damage from rig contact and handling
  • Fabric bias specifically engineered by weight to match optimum sail design
  • High water repellency provides best physical performance and minimum sailing weight
  • High density weave constructions deliver extremely low porosity which generates maximum power
  • Elongation results make AIRX ideal for modern asymmetric sails using step-down construction
  • AIRX excels in dealing with higher loads created by these designs
  • New expanded colour and weight range coupled with race proven performance - AIRX the winners choice
  • AIRX 400N - Lightweight Grand Prix VMG finish
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 26
    AWS - 7
  • AIRX 500N Ideal for most 1/2oz applications
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 30
    AWS - 8
  • AIRX 600N Versatile for wide range of wind strengths
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 37
    AWS - 10
  • AIRX 620NS Silicone Coated AIRX 600N for dinghies and sports boats
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 37
    AWS - 10
  • AIRX 650N Satisfied classes with minimum 40gsm weight rules
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 40
    AWS - 10
  • AIRX 700N High Strength 3/4oz with a very stable and durable weave
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 45
    AWS - 12
  • AIRX 800N Increases scope of range above AIRX 700N
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 53
    AWS - 14
  • AIRX 900N Extreme strength and durability for ultimate offshore performance
    Width (mm) - 1520
    Weight (gsm) - 67
    AWS - 16
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Cruising Spinnaker fabric developed to offer the optimum balance between durability, value and range

  • Specially designed for cruise and club race application
  • High strength 6.6 nylon yarn used throughout – creating a very strong cloth which performs even at high wind loads
  • High density / low porosity weave construction gives class leading tear strengths reduces damage risk from rig contact
  • Ideal weave and finish for snuffers and furling units – upper weights are stronger than equivalent polyester – ideal for handling local strain caused by furlers
  • Finish and elongation figures are complimentary across the whole range, allowing for composite weights to be used – especially useful for furling sails

Delivering a Spinnaker fabric with consistent performance throughout the fabric weight range coupled with excellent tear strength and durability

  • MPEX 70N Robust 3/4oz with medium finish
    Construction Warp x Fill: 40 x 40
    Ropstop (mm): 6.5 x 6.5 1520
    Weight (gsm): 48
    AWS: 12
  • MPEX 90N High strength durable cloth ideal for the offshore cruiser
    Construction Warp x Fill: 70 x 70
    Ropstop (mm): 7 x 7 1520
    Weight (gsm): 70
    AWS: 16
  • MPEX 250N Strong and robust performance cloth ideal for use with snuffers and reaching when AWS is higher – Code Zero
    Construction Warp x Fill: 140 x 140
    Ropstop (mm): 7 x 7 1520
    Weight (gsm): 110
    AWS: 18
  • MPEX 300N Ideal for use with snuffers and reaching when AWS is higher for application on yachts 50 – 75ft
    Construction Warp x Fill: 210 x 210
    Ropstop (mm): 7 x 7 1520
    Weight (gsm): 130
    AWS: 20
  • MPEX 350N High performance cloth for bigger yachts and storm spinnaker applications
    Construction Warp x Fill: 210 x 210
    Ropstop (mm): 7 x 7 1520
    Weight (gsm): 150
    AWS: 22
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